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A Pittsburgh native, Rocky began his musical career after graduating from CAPA – Creative and performing arts school. He has a longer career as a performing artist with bands Torn n’ Frayed, The Dirty Charms and most recently The Borstal Boys on The Vault Records, where is also co-produced several albums.

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Anthony “Rocky” Lamonde is a producer with a vast knowledge and love of music. Rocky is not only a talented musician and songwriter but knows song craft. He’s able to dig deep and find the right sounds and feel of each artist he works with. In each performance, he listens, brings out the best of each musician, finds the hook and what the artist wants to say. Rocky has a great ear, vision, and the know – how. Whether it’s playing bass, writing songs, recording, producing – Rocky’s passion for the music never tires. A true professional and a great friend inspiring me and pushing me to give my best every time.”
Domenic Fusca
Recording Artist
Anthony “Rocky“ Lamonde has the skills, talent, and technical know-how to get the most out of your music and to make you sound great! His creative ability to “hear” things is incredible. He finds the small gems hidden in your material and knows exactly how to bring them out to give your songs that “punch” that really gets them noticed. A true pleasure to work with, its easy to see Rocky’s passion for original music. His experience in songwriting, musicianship, and performing makes his input invaluable for artists looking for the best way to express themselves in their music.
John Potochnik Fire Gods
Recording Artist

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Producer | Engineer | Musician